Every year, morel mushrooms grow by the bunches here in Michigan, a season that many people look forward to. Some people go out to pluck a couple of the great-tasting vegetables to enjoy themselves while others try to grab as many as they can. Those who collect them in large bunches look to hold on to them to enjoy throughout the year or they sell them for extra cash flow.

Morel Mushrooms are some of the most sought-after mushrooms in the country as they provide a nutty and earthy taste while having a fleshy-like texture. Michigan is one of the few states that gets to benefit from having Morel mushrooms growing in their climate. Morel mushrooms are considered to be one of the best kinds of premium mushrooms in the world and here is where you can find them in Michigan.

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The Michigan DNR does a great job of keeping the residents of Michigan safe and informed about the nature that we exist in. They are keeping up with the hunting laws, the endangered species, wildlife growth, and other parts of the state's nature and our interactions with them. The Michigan DNR has tons of resources to help citizens and visitors enjoy Michigan's Nature.

One of their resources is centered around the growth of Morel Mushrooms around the state of Michigan. The Michigan DNR has created a list that shows the best locations around the state to go hunting for Morel mushrooms. Morel mushrooms grow in certain conditions and often come after large fires, the map shows these large fires and the soil conditions in those areas.

You can find the interactive map here. Following this map could lead you to the Morel mushroom heaven as you could come across a piece of land that is littered with fresh morels. Here are some tips for Morel mushroom hunting:

Tips for Morel Mushroom Hunting

As soon as spring hits and the temperatures start to warm up, one little fungi shows up in our world that people walk miles to find. If you've ever wanted to find morel mushrooms, try these tips for a successful hunt.

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