Over the last week and a half, we have all been experiencing this crazy heat wave that has us sweating all day. It's by record, one of the hottest summers Michigan has seen and it has barely started, meaning it will only get warmer. We have already started to see hydration stations pop up across the state and events have been cancelled due to the heat levels.

I'm a person who is a fan of the warm weather because I would rather have to cool down than warm up, but I understand some people can't deal with the heat. With those people in mind, days like this are miserable as it seems you're unable to escape the heat, even inside your home. Everyone doesn't have access to air conditioning which raises the question, does Michigan require landlords to provide air conditioning to their clients?

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As a tenant in the state of Michigan, there is a list of rights that you are entitled to and many of those things fall on the landlord to maintain. The Michigan Tenant Rights say that if you are not receiving the service of the unit at any time you can request them to be handled by the landlord. If they refuse to fix them, you can withhold rent and if the problem persists then you are granted the opportunity to exit your lease early with no penalty.

Is Air Conditioning Required In Michigan?

With Michigan being a state that has harsh winters, all landlords are required to provide heat for all their tenants or they will face steep consequences but air conditioning is not the same. Unfortunately, the state of Michigan doesn't require landlords to provide their tenants with air conditioning.

Although, unfortunately, Michigan landlords don't have to provide air conditioning for their tenants there are options like purchasing a window o mobile unit. This unit will keep your house cool but may come with a surcharge from your landlord or an increase in your electricity bill, which I think is worth it to remain cool.

I'm not sure if anything could be done about this but I think it should be mandatory for Michigan landlords to provide air conditioning for their tenants, what do you think? Here are 10 things to take out of your car on these hot days:

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