One of the most saturated businesses in America is the food industry. There are enough chain restaurants, luxury restaurants, and mom-and-pop establishments to make the world go around a thousand times over. Making a living in the restaurant industry is one of the toughest things someone can do but for the most part chain restaurants have an upper hand as people know what to expect.

No, I'm not saying all chain restaurant locations are the same but they are similar and it creates a sense of comfort when ordering, even when it's not the location you usually go to. Chicken Restaurants often battle against each other to be the best and everyone's favorite but the debate is still unanswered. Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken is one of the top chicken chains in the country and is now finding a home in a new Michigan city this year.

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Lee's has multiple locations across the Midwest and there are 9 locations in Michigan already, with another making its way in the next few months. Two of those 9 locations are in Southwest Michigan as Kalamazoo has two locations, one in the downtown area and the other near Portage, now another Southwest Michigan city is joining the fold.

Battle Creek will be welcoming the newest Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken location in Michigan, making 3 in Southwest Michigan. The new storefront will be located at 14301 Beadle Lake Rd and Lee's website says coming soon as construction is still finishing up. Rumors say the location is set to open for business next month but there has been no verification of that at this time.

All of those chicken lovers out there should rejoice as Lee's will provide more of their favorite and they won't be disappointed.

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