Since the beginning of time sickness and disease have plagued the Earth and have taken the lives of many. Doctors have been working for centuries on remedies, cures, and medications that ease the lives of those with many different diseases. They have gotten farther in their research and advancements with some diseases more than others as they have been able to find cures or even vaccinations that prevent these illnesses and viruses.

One of the diseases that has caused much agony and pain for not only those who fall victim to it but their family and friends as well, is Alzheimer's. This is a disease that has taken the lives of millions over the years as they had been told there was no cure and that all they had were preventive measures that would mitigate the onset but never stop it. Today, there is a new advancement for the industry as they have found another drug that can help prevent early onset Alzheimer's, which may be coming to Michigan after it was FDA approved.

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The FDA recently approved the Alzheimer's drug donanemab which is supposed to slow down the progress of early onset Alzheimer's. This is significant as it would allow those who show risk can be given extra time to live their lives normally. Donanemab is a monoclonal antibody that helps the body remove amyloid plaque buildup from in and around the brain.

They have expressed that donanemab is not a cure but will slow down the progression of Alzheimer's allowing individuals to safely participate in life. Donanemab is produced by Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly and will be sold under the name Kisunla and would cost $695 per vial before insurance, what would amount to $12,522 for a six-month course or about $32,000 for a year, depending on when the patient would complete their treatment.

Do you think they are closer to finding a cure? I hope so, but I am glad that we have an approved medication that can slow down the onset and allow for more life to be had.

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