Have you ever had your phone go off at a very inappropriate time? Most people have.  Yesterday, it provided a little comic relief during a very heavy time.

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We've all been there. You're in a room and it's just about silent. Someone is giving a lecture or a speech and just about getting to the heavy moment. Then it happens. Someone's phone goes off and their crazy ringtone totally derails the entire thing.

It happened yesterday as the Buffalo Bills were giving a press conference for the first time since the tragic accident that happened in Cincinnati which sent Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin to the hospital after suffering cardiac arrest. Josh Allen was talking about what it was like to go through the emotions of the last couple of days and describing what he has been going through. It was at that moment that suddenly one of the reporters' phones, unfortunately, went off.

Yup.  That's Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al" coming through.

He handled it quite well though. While it did distract him from his thoughts, he took a second, found the person attached to the phone, looked at them and then gave that "Is your phone really playing 'You Can Call Me Al'?" Josh Allen grin.

Sean McDermott then took a little pressure off the reporter by saying, "At least it was a happy song!"

It really was an afternoon of relief for the players, coaches, and staff at One Bills Drive (and really for lots of people across the nation) as we found out that Damar Hamlin had not only woken up but was doing better than expected. He is able to communicate and respond to people and still seems to have his memory about him.

One thing is for sure...it was great to see these guys smile again.

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