Brady Hoke, the head football coach of the Michigan Wolverines, is feeling the heat in Ann Arbor. Ever since his first season there has been a decline with this football program. Players have transferred and coordinators have come and gone.

Hoke is a nice guy, but when people start saying that it's time to look out. There has been much turmoil in the past couple years. There have been past players who have gotten in to big time trouble . This is not good at all.

When Brady Hoke took over the helm from Rich Rodriguez, many people thought Hoke, being a former Michigan assistant coach, would make things better. But this situation has regressed or even gotten worse. Regardless of what is coming out of Ann Arbor, Hoke's situation is not good. But in my world winning is a panacea. That is an overall tonic to Hoke's problems.

I know a lot of Michigan State fans and former players like what's going on in Ann Arbor. But we know with the millions of dollars involved it has to get better. If not there will be a change. That is for sure.

Brady Hoke is a nice guy, but Michigan doesn't want an Avon salesman