This week is known as prozac week. It's Michigan State and Michigan football week.But, this week is much different. The past few years have been outstanding for Michigan State and head coach Mark Dantonio. MSU has had great success, but this year they have been awful. MSU has lost five in a row and Michigan is 7-0 and ranked second in the country.

I really am so surprised how bad this season has turned out to be for Michigan State. Everything has changed for MSU football. Jim Harbaugh has turned UM football around in a short time. Harbaugh is 17-3 in his first 20 games, so was his head coach at UM Glenn Edward "Bo" Schembechler. Bo died on November 17, 2006. He would be very proud of his former quarterback. I thought this would be a strong rivalry but not this year. This is one of MSU's worst starts in many years.

Last years game was known as the improbable win for MSU. State won in the last few seconds with a muffed punt. I really feel this will be a super uphill battle for MSU to win this game. All I can say is fans want to see a competitive game and you probably won't. MSU is a 23 point underdog. Jim Harbaugh might be having a great time Saturday.