The Detroit Red Wings had a chance to win their first round series in the NHL Playoffs, but they couldn't cut the cake. The Tampa Bay Lightning beat them in Game 6 in Detroit 5-2. Now they will go back to the sunshine state of Florida and play the Lightning in a decisive game 7.

The Red Wings found themselves in this position two games ago but won on the road. So again, the Wings find themselves behind the eight ball on the road. Home ice could be the difference.

The Wings are coached by one of the best in the business--his name is Mike Babcock. The Wings have a tall order ahead of them because coach Babcock's contract is up after the season. This franchise needs to resign him--whatever it takes. The Wings are a unique team with young and old players and strong goaltending with Petr Mrazk and Jimmy Howard.

All I can say is Wednesday night is for all the marbles. The Wings are in a must win or they'redone. Mike Babcock doesn't have to stress the importance of Game 7 to anyone. The Detroit Red Wings are in a do or die situation with their season and their coach.