We all have our own little guilty pleasures.

Mine is stepping away from work for a while to go grab some stuff from Target. Yes, I said Target.

I was out on my lunch break and was just perusing around. I don't typically find myself around the Halloween, or seasonal area in general to be honest with you.

I almost missed it too, but the shiny bulbs caught my eyes like deer in headlights.

Isn't It A Little Too Early For Christmas? It's Not, According To Target!

While I am sitting here typing this post, it is currently still September folks. While you may catch me humming or playing the occasional Christmas song here and there, it's just to appease the things that be.

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I'm still stuck here in the Summer mindset, barely even entering the Fall mindset yet.

Isn't it just a tad bit too early to see this stuff cluttering the shelves while we still have Halloween products lining the shelves and walls? It's would be one thing if the Halloween stuff were per-say on clearance. But, don't we still decorate for Thanksgiving?

I will say though, it probably just isn't this Target either. Most stores have a set planogram that they follow per season, and a certain time they have to be set by.

I will say though, the seasonal areas aren't always as well maintained. The pandemic really broke the supply chain, so it's a hit or miss on what you're going to get, so sometimes you'll break planos to appease the supply of your products in the backroom.

I will say though, I personally think it is still a little too early to see this stuff on the shelves.

I'm more okay with listening to or watching my Christmas programs though, for now.

Do you think it's too early?

Let us know in our app and social media.

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