UPDATE: The person wearing the varsity jacket, who's also the artist responsible for a stunningly anthropomorphic snowman, is indeed an Eaton Rapids High School student. Her name is Amanda Zeller, and she's a varsity track and soccer star for the Greyhounds. Her dad, Phil Zeller, confirmed his daughter as the subject of Wednesday's viral Twitter sensation from the CMU-WMU football game, writing the following on Facebook:

"Amanda is proud of our town and being third generation in Eaton Rapids. Thank you for the support! Make sure you come out to the ER High School Winter theater production and during Spring Track and Soccer seasons as she gets back to building her college resume off a four year varsity record."

Central Michigan's rivalry game against Western Michigan in Mount Pleasant Wednesday night looked like it was being played inside of a snow globe.

And it appears that someone from the Lansing-area levered those conditions for a little fun in the stands that wound up getting them on TV.

CMU vs. WMU got under way at 8 p.m. Wednesday amid driving snow. Much of Michigan is under some form of a weather advisory for the next couple of days. Significant snowfall is predicted for several regions as a lake-effect system is expected to dump as much as 14 inches of snow in areas near the Lake Michigan shoreline. Regions further inland and away from Lake Michigan will also be impacted, but aren't forecast for as much snow.

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Early in the third quarter of the Chippewas' and Broncos' annual clash, ESPNU's broadcast came back from commercial showing various snowmen fans had built in the stands throughout the game. The TV crew ended the vignette with a shot of a full-size snowman complete with arms and legs. Also in the shot was the person who, ostensibly, built the snowman, wearing what appeared to be an Eaton Rapids High School varsity jacket.

"Oh my goodness, that's the best snowman I've ever seen in my life," ESPNU play-by-play announcer Drew Carter said later on in the broadcast.

If that is indeed a Greyhounds varsity jacket, it's hard to tell whether the person wearing it is a current student at Eaton Rapids High School. Regardless, the entire community should be proud of the expert level of engineering, craftsmanship, and creativity this Greyhound showed.

It's possible that it's not even an ER varsity jacket. I suppose it could be from another school with E and R initials, maybe from Illinois or Ohio. It looks an awful lot like an Eaton Rapids jacket to me, though. Plus, the quality of that snowman is pretty convincing, so I'm just gonna go ahead and chalk this one up for Eaton Rapids.

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