The Los Angeles Rams have redefined the term "youth movement" with their choice for head coach.

The team has hired Sean McVay, who's all of 30 years young, as head coach. In all fairness, he will be 31 on January 24.

McVay comes to the City of Angels from the nation's capital, where he was offensive coordinator for the Redskins. He will enter the record books as the youngest head coach in NFL history in the modern era, eclipsing Lane Kiffin, who was 31 when the Raiders hired him in 2007 (Art "Pappy" Lewis was 27 when the Browns hired him in 1938). An omen for McVay, perhaps -- Kiffin didn't even last two seasons before getting canned.

Sean McVay
Getty Images

Heck, look at the above picture of McVay. It was taken in 2011 when he was 24 and looks more like a yearbook photo and he was voted "Most Likely to Keep Smiling." You can almost see where he applied the Clearasil to keep the acne at bay. Thirty is young, but apparently not too young to call the shots for an NFL team. He's too young to be president, but being commander-in-chief is not nearly as demanding a job (although some may dispute that) when you consider how rabid football fans can be.

The Rams have been a disaster for years now and you can't blame them for going an unconventional route with McVay. The team hasn't had a winning year since the 2003 season and has had an offense that has sputtered like a car with two flat tires. Last season's number one pick, quarterback Jared Goff, is a prized commodity, so McVay, who helped Kirk Cousins flourish in Washington, could be the elixir. Then again, at age 30, he may not have the experience and wisdom needed to turn around a team that once boasted "The Greatest Show on Turf."

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