Well, it’s over. Jim Harbaugh will be staying at Michigan to coach the Wolverines. It’s absolutely unbelievable what and how he did this.

Harbaugh was rumored to possibly go to the Las Vegas Raiders and that didn’t happen. Ok, so then the Minnesota Vikings come into play with Harbaugh going to the Twin Cities and coaching the Vikings. On Wednesday, he interviewed for their head coaching position. That tells everyone he wants that job and wants to leave Ann Arbor!

This guy totally handled this in a wrong way. Even the most ardent Michigan fan has had enough of Harbaugh’s shenanigans.

So then late Wednesday night it becomes public that Harbaugh contacts Michigan and says he is staying put as their head coach. Obviously he wasn’t offered the job or something just didn’t mesh with what he wanted. If I’m a player or a recruit, I’m a little miffed at this guy for more less selling out but when it doesn’t work out he comes back to his comfort zone.

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Like I said, is this guy a goofball or what? The media will have a field day with this story and they should. He hung the Michigan Wolverine Football program out to dry while he tried to get back into the NFL. This tells me he was looking to get out of Ann Arbor.

He won’t duplicate what he did this past season. It took him many years to beat THE Ohio State, win a Big Ten Championship and get to the Final Four. If I’m a Michigan fan, I’m not really happy with Harbaugh’s tactics. Also, if you don’t care for this article, it’s just the facts and reality of the coaching profession.

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