I have nothing against MSU Quarterback Rocky Lombardi. I am grateful he chose MSU and waited his turn for a shot. I am especially grateful for him leading us to victory over Michigan this year, but we'll get back to him. Last week , I asked if MSU would go winless this season. I mean, we lost to Rutgers! Then, the glorious, unlikely win over Michigan got our hopes up again. Only to come crashing down in an ass whooping in Iowa City 49-7. Most Spartan fans that hunt, went to work on their blinds before halftime started. 35-0 at half. Ol' Kirk Ferentz could have run it up even more but he is a classy man with integrity unlike a lot of other coaches in the Big 10.

Back to Rocky. He is classy and has owned up to his mistakes.

When he is on, we can beat Michigan. When he is off, we can't beat Rutgers.

In losses he is turning the ball over too much. MSU had 7 turnovers against Rutgers. He didn't have them all but he did have 3 interceptions last week against Iowa. One went for a TD. So, he threw more TD's for the other team than MSU. 6 turnovers in MSU's 2 losses.

Payton Thorne got in for a throw and mop up duty. I think he and Theo Day need an honest look. At this point in the season, new blood could fire up the team, much like Connor Cook did when he got his shot. Start building that momentum for next year.

Fans and the team need some inspiration. If the guy with the most experience keeps turning the ball over, MSU will have to give one of the young guns a shot. I hope Rocky can get back in the ring and knock 'em out. One more week of picks and ball security issues could be his undoing but... He bounced back after Rutgers with a good game. Hopefully this week he'll do the same against undefeated Indiana. Noon kickoff Saturday on Classic Rock 94.9 WMMQ.

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