One thing we know about the former MSU Spartan All-American and Golden State Warrior is that he loves the spotlight. At least once a week at a postgame presser or on the court Draymond Green is ready to ignite.

Just recently, he commented on two other players in the NBA who he thought were being treated unfairly. These two players were being held out of their teams' games because they’re going to be traded. He feels that they shouldn’t be on the bench and they're being treated unfairly. That’s a whole different post on my feelings about that topic.

Then, over the weekend, he was playing against another former Spartan Miles Bridges and he fouled Bridges hard and then bumped him. After that, he was thrown out of the game.

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Listen, I think Draymond Green is great for the NBA and pro sports. But his act is getting to be repetitive and stale. I love his passion and the “Bad Boys,” attitude but some of it is not needed. Concentrate on winning another NBA Crown.

Look, the guy pays it forward with donations like what he gave back to MSU. He has helped multiple people. But his outbursts are really not necessary and he looks to have very thin skin. Get over some stuff that takes your head out of the game.

Now I might be wrong, but there seems to be a pattern here every week. Draymond might have to take a step back and just chill. What do you think?

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