The question I want answered is is Detroit Lions wide out Calvin Johnson the best player in the NFL?

The Detroit Lions have failed to win with him. So my thoughts are this: Calvin Johnson is a great football player, but so was Barry Sanders. The Lions won nothing with Sanders who is regarded as the best player maybe ever in the NFL.

Calvin Johnson has Hall of Fame-level production, but the Lions are only 34-72 in games in which he has played. The Lions have only played in one playoff game since his arrival from Georgia Tech. Also, I feel that Calvin Johnson along with Matthew Stafford and Ndamukong Suh have to step it up. Not only with their play but also leadership and mentorship.

Calvin Johnson can catch footballs in triple coverage, with his remarkable vertical leap. But if the Lions can't with him then what good is he? This might seem brash but the Lions just haven't won at all. They're part of a small group of teams that have never been to the Super Bowl.

Calvin Johnson, or "Megatron" which is his nickname, sooner or later will want out. But remember this: To be the man, you have to beat the man! "Megatron" has got to be more of the man.