The 2014 Major League Baseball season is finally underway, and the MLB is taking big-time measures to make sure its new instant replay system works.

The league will have many video cameras being the eye in the sky. For managers, it means the ability to challenge questionable calls. Of course some umpires will get the call wrong, and instant replay in many cases will help to make the call the right one.

Not all calls are reviewable. Balls and strikes they will stay the same. Also interference, foul tips, and check swings will not change. Everything else will be fair game for an umpire to review.

Each team gets at least one challenge per game. If a manager's challenge gets overturned he will have another chance at a challenge.

Seem confusing? It really isn't. It will take MLB, umpires, teams, and fans a learning curve.

To make a challenge, a manager needs to tell an umpire to go to a review. As far as a "rubarb" or a disagreement between a umpire and a manager, this will continue forever.

Baseball has a large, expanded instant replay system this season, mostly in the heart of New York. That's where the live camera feeds into. I am positive people will either love or loathe instant replay in MLB, but hunker down--it's finally here.