Well, if you're looking for "unique", this dome home definitely falls into that category...

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You almost expect a hatch to open and aliens to come strolling out of this spaceship house for sale!

Dome Home For Sale in Illinois Was Built For a Radio Psychic

The dome-shaped home was designed by a Montreal-based company and constructed over a span of three years  in Somonauk, Illinois, which is just about three hours and 45 minutes from West Michigan.

Rohit Malik,Keller Williams ONEChicago
Rohit Malik,Keller Williams ONEChicago

Who it was built for is also interesting. According to The Real Deal, the rounded residence was designed 20 years ago for onetime radio psychic, Joe Tufano, who went by Joe Who on 97.9 The Loop WLUP-FM.

Tufano passed away in May 2022 and left the residence to his friend Bill McVay, who is now selling it. McVay speaks about his late friend to The Real Deal, saying Trufano was an "empath" or "voice natural direct sensitive" who believed he could determine people’s personalities through their voices.

As for why Trufano had the oddly shaped home built, McVay says simply,

[He] just really wanted to be out here, out in the prairie,

and he had to have a dome house.

McVay adds there is an "energy-balancing" spot in the center of the house, as standing between five pillars is supposed to balance one's internal energy.

Rohit Malik, Keller Williams ONEChicago
Rohit Malik, Keller Williams ONEChicago

Special Features of the Illinois Spaceship-like House

According to the listing, the four-bedroom, five-bathroom home has  "ABSOLUTELY jaw-dropping arched cathedral ceilings of knotty pine and oak flooring."

Rohit Malik, Keller Williams ONEChicago
Rohit Malik, Keller Williams ONEChicago

Aside from the curved walls and ceilings, there's also an oversized kitchen with a large breakfast bar.

In the living room there is a built-in projector screen and off the living room, a deck area overlooking the rear of the property. I gotta admit, the projector tripped me up when looking through the photos --  I thought an ad for a Daniel Craig movie kept popping up! Honestly, it took me a lot longer than it should have to realize it's a projector on the wall...

There's also a huge loft area, an additional metal outbuilding, and the home sits on 5 acres of agricultural land that's zoned for horses!

But this might be the coolest thing - apparently the house can rotate electronically or manually! So you can spin around your dome home!

So how much will a rotating dome home cost you? It's going for $599K.

Take a tour in the gallery below!

Illinois Dome Home Up For Sale Was Built For a Radio Psychic

Don't you get spaceship vibes? An unusual dome-shaped home built for a radio psychic has hit the market for $599,000. The original owner, who passed away in May 2022, Joe Trufant, went by Joe Who on Chicago's WLUP.

The rounded residence in Somonauk, Ill., has a ton of unique features like arched cathedral ceilings of knotty pine, oak flooring, and a "stunning, see-through column" which acts as the hub of the home and looks up into the second level. Oh - and the dome home can apparently rotate too!

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