I don't know why, but this question always seems to come up. If you could choose three other people to dine with, who would they be? Or another variation on that is, if you had to put together a foursome in golf, who would you choose?

This topic has always intrigued me. I’ve toyed with this topic many times on my Mad Dog Show. These people can be alive or deceased. They can be sports figures, movie stars, musicians, any celebrity, or family member you select. It’s sort of a fascinating pseudo possibility.

Now, I really want you to think about this. Who would you want to hang out with? You could ask them questions and pick their brains. Put a lot of thought into this and then let me know in a message through our app or on our Facebook page.

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You are probably wondering who my choices would be. My three other individuals rounding out my dinner group would be as follows: George Herman “Babe” Ruth, Rock Star Jim Morrison aka the “Lizard King” and Abraham Lincoln our 16th President of the United States. Now that would be some kind of dinner. All are deceased, but could you visualize this wild group? All kingpins in their respective categories. What kind of food would be served? I’m sure Ruth and Morrison wouldn’t even care. Babe Ruth used to eat an 18 egg omelette and drink a half a keg of beer.

So, who would you want to share a meal with?

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