The Detroit Tigers finally got a solid manager. This man’s name is AJ Hinch. Yeah, he’s the cat that was involved in the Houston Astros sign stealing fiasco that rocked the sports world a year ago. But that’s not what I want to talk about in my post today.

Hinch is a proven solid manager who did win a World Series ring while the manager in Houston. You can formulate whatever opinion you want, but he is solid! Hinch will be able to evaluate talent. Now, this is what I would do if I were Tigers' management. Go get the very talented third baseman of the Colorado Rockies Nolan Arenado.

This guy could be one of the best third basemen in the history of Major League Baseball. Next to Brooks Robinson and Mike Schmidt. He’s twenty nine years old and has already won 8 Gold Glove Awards. He is a cornerstone that the Tigers could build their franchise around.

Other solid ballplayers would want to come to Detroit to play with him. He had brush up with the Rockies management not that long ago. But if Hall of Fame NHL player Wayne Gretzky can be traded, so can Arenado. I would get on the horn and ask the Rockies what would it take to pry Arenado away from Colorado. He is perfect to build the new Hinch regime and era around.

The Tigers are in better shape now than they were a week ago. But if they could trade for Nolan Arenado, they would be in the mix right away. If you don’t ask for the order, you can’t get it!

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