I’m still absolutely amazed how a team and a player can change in one week. The MSU Spartans clocked the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday 27-24. They were a three and a half touchdown underdog on the road in Ann Arbor. No one in the world really believed they could win that game. Except the team and coaching staff themselves.

MSU was stomped the week before in their home opener. Rutgers beat them badly and  State had seven turnovers. But that was the week before. MSU’s head coach Mel Tucker regrouped his team and they cut the cake and got the job done.

MSU had all those turnovers the week before and none on the road at the Big House in Ann Arbor.

Now to MSU’s quarterback Rocky Lombardi. I have been gassing him for a while now. Boy, did he prove me wrong. From one week to the next, I have never seen a guy play so well and throw the ball down field like he did. Rocky Lombardi has changed my mind about him. But now he finds himself on the road versus the Iowa Hawkeyes this coming weekend. This is a special game for him because Iowa is his home state.

The rest of this season should be intriguing.

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