Most people don't like to mow their lawns. But, believe it or not I love mowing our lawn. When I was young my late father Ed DeMarco pushed me out the door to mow the lawn and I hated it. He told me one day you will appreciate mowing the lawn. I was thinking, no way! My father installed strong work ethic in me. But, mowing the lawn is very relaxing.

I really enjoy getting creative with cutting the lawn like a stadium cut. Always trying new designs and styles. This might seem funny but to me mowing the lawn is fun. I put great tunes on with perfect headphones. My thoughts of the past week and upcoming week completely vanish. We love our home very much. So, we want in manicured to perfection. I understand how some people don't take care of their lawns but it's very annoying. If, you buy or rent a home take care of it. But I understand for whatever reason, no mower, no extra money to have a lawn service, time or just plain laziness.

I really thing people should have a service to at least apply weed and feed. But, that's another story. I will tell everyone to call Mike Franco's company Pure Green, they are the best 517-703-1111. Happy mowing.


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