If there is one person in college basketball I miss it's the iconic Bob Knight. Coach Knight was a staple in college basketball for decades. Robert Montgomery Knight was nicknamed "The General". Bob Knight won 902 NCAA Division 1 men's college basketball games. Coach Knight played at Ohio State with three time Big Ten MVP Jerry Lucas.

Knight won three national titles with Indiana University. He also was the first Division 1 men's coach to post 900 career wins. Bobby Knight also won a championship as a reserve for Ohio State. Knight's first head coaching position in his life was at West Point, he was only 24 years old. There he recruited a point guard out of Chicago named Coach K who played for Knight at West Point.

Bobby Knight left West Point in 1971 for Indiana University. Where he became one of the best college basketball coaches in the country. But, one thing "The General" had anger issues. Coach Knight was given a zero tolerance to control his behavior. In 2000, he was fired after getting into a student’s face. He then coached at Texas Tech, where he got that school turned around with their basketball program. Bob Knight is a Hall of Fame coach and one of the all-time greats.  He was also a college hoop analyst from 2008-2015. Like I said I miss him talking college basketball.

Gary Mook - Getty Images