Now that things seem to be winding down, I would like to talk about a sports personality who has impacted my life. Since I loved sports going all the way back as a very young kid, I followed what this great man did. So let’s get into this.

Vince Lombardi really has made an enormous impact on my life. When Lombardi got to Green Bay in 1959 to coach the Packers, he changed the landscape of sports forever. He was absolutely one of the greatest coaches in the history of sports. Lombardi turned a terrible Green Bay Packers team into world champions through hard work, grit determination and teamwork.

Lombardi had so many great affirmations and wonderful sayings. Like, "the harder you work the harder it is to surrender." Lombardi will always be driving my wagon with motivation and intensity to prove people wrong. This man was a savant, visionary, strategic motivator and just an all-around winner.

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I have read just about everything you can about this man. I have interviewed multiple players that played for him. They all had wonderful things to say about him. I watched the HBO feature movie documentary “LOMBARDI” 19 times. It’s just a classic, and I can’t find it anymore.

Vince Lombardi has impacted thousands of people, and he always will because of his intelligence and tenacity. When I have a stressful situation in front of me, I always think, what would Lombardi tell me? Most of the time it’s face the problem head-on and attack it and move on. Always be respectful and always give it more than your best. Don’t let people rattle you ever!

If you feel it’s time to change up on some things in your life, start reading about Vince Lombardi’s life. He impacts mine every day!

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