As I close out my broadcasting career in Mid-Michigan I would like to hit some fine points. One thing I always was looking for was helping people that needed some sort of assistance. It didn’t matter what area of assistance it was. I was taught by my parents at a very early age to help out in any way shape or form you could.

My mom and dad were just great parents. My dad always told me if someone drinks out of a Dixie cup or Waterford Crystal treat them the same. I have always taken that to heart. My mom always tried to help people in any way she could too. Either family, friends, or people she didn’t know. So I always thought everyone needs help sometimes.

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If someone would approach me I usually wouldn’t turn them down. I don’t mean favors or lending people money either, that’s a different story. I am talking about charitable situations and causes and people that were down and out. I have never looked the other way from helping people that needed it.

During this Pandemic, I always wanted to help small businesses that were on the brink of possibly closing their doors. I have always been fascinated by how people volunteer to help other people out who are down and out for whatever reason. Now, I’m a firm believer in this: if you don’t have a dog in the fight, help out anyway because you might need some help or assistance one day. Don’t ever take that for granted.

If you have an opportunity to help someone or some cause, do it. In this day and age, pay it forward!

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