As we near America's 246th birthday, you may be surprised to know the amount of money people spend celebrating the Fourth of July. Between food, beverages, decorations, and party/picnic supplies, your wallet can take a big hit celebrating the red, white, and blue.

According to WalletHub, Americans were set to spend about $7.5 BILLION in 2021 on food alone for the 4th of July. Another $1.4 billion was expected to be spent on beer and wine. There's no doubt that with the current rising prices and supply chain issues, this year will probably see those numbers go up. So how do you celebrate and get into the spirit without breaking the bank? Easy, a little Amazon.

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I am putting it right out there, I am an official Amazon addict. From clothes to housewares, and especially holiday items, Amazon is the perfect place for those fiscal-friendly finds.

With a budget of $100, I set out to find those Fourth of July finds to make celebrating a little more festive over the holiday weekend. A surprise to some, but not to those who get the Amazon flow, I was able to put together the perfect 4th of July shopping list with a few bucks left over for hot dogs & buns.

Take a look at the perfect 4th of July essentials list at Amazon, all for under $100! ( we hit $89.49 as a final total).

How to Do the Fourth of July in Style for Under $100 with Amazon

The 4th of July is one of the biggest celebrations not only of the summer, but the entire year. It's easy to get caught in a fiscal frenzy trying to plan for the big day, but you can actually cover all the bases pretty cheaply with Amazon. We put together a shopping list of great 4th of July essentials and the whole list is under $100! TOTAL!

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