All Detroit Lions fans have waited for a long time for a successful season. All Detroit Lions fans have suffered watching the team week after week lose.  All Detroit Lion’s fans know exactly how bad the team and program have been for decades.

Knowing all that it still stings when others use your team as the butt of their joke.

Last weekend during the NFL draft there was a group of 6 celebrities and current/former athletes. They held what they called a Draft-A-Thon to help raise some cash for a COVID pandemic recovery fund.

On the Draft-A-Thon were:

  1. Tampa Bay Quarterback Tom Brady
  2. Actor Mark Wahlberg
  3. Comedian Kevin Hart
  4. Former NFL player Deion Sanders
  5. Former NFL player Michael Strahan 
  6. Sportscaster Kay Adams 

Tom Brady was joking at Kevin Hart’s expense when he said:

“I love that Kevin’s here. We couldn’t get The Rock, so Kevin got to show up”

What happened next cuts right to the heart of us Detroit Lions fans.  Kevin Hart responded to Tom Brady’s ribbing with the following:

“Tom, everybody’s all on you with this Super Bowl hype. You want to make me a believer? Go to Detroit. Do it in Detroit. Go to Detroit and win a Super Bowl...You want me to believe that you’re great? Go to Detroit right now and take them to the Super Bowl. If you can do that, then I believe it Until then, it’s a hoax. I’m not a believer. I’m not on the Brady train and I think Tampa rigged the whole thing.”

Ouch, Kevin, your Philadelphia Eagles have had rough times in the past.

Check it out for yourself, the discussion starts at the 12:10 second mark:

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