Have you ever played the video game called "Space Invaders?" This was a popular game that came out way back in 1978.

At that time, it was one of my favorite video games to play. It was basically a shoot 'em up arcade game. The goal is to defeat wave after wave of descending aliens with a horizontally moving taser.

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And that's exactly what I would like to do with these so called waves of "Stink Bugs" that keep entering my home in Okemos.

Stink bugs are all over my house and all I do is dispose of them as quickly as possible. They love home sweet home and they love to crawl on the ceiling for some reason.

According to mlive.com:

First reported in Michigan in 2010, the brown marmorated stink bug is an invasive species that is now well established in much of the Lower Peninsula. These bugs can and do pose a threat to farmers, as they enjoy feasting on a number of fruit and vegetable crops, but this time of year they also become a general nuisance as they sneak into our homes in search of a warm place to spend the winter.

Trust me on this, stink bugs will find a way into your home. Once they do, It's time to take action and get rid of those pesky bugs.

Stink bugs will not hurt people or pets, but they will annoy you more than anything else. So how do we get rid of stink bugs?

I suppose you could always just call an exterminator. Or you could just take the time to fill cracks in doors and windows using caulk. (waste of time)

Stink bugs can get inside your home in so many ways. They can even get inside your home through vents, air conditioners, and even from behind siding.

Would you like to know how I get rid of stink bugs? By using a vacuum cleaner. It's the easiest way to dispose of them. There's your simple and easy solution. No more stink bug invaders.

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