Canada. Our neighbors to the north who's main export might as well be hockey players. They've given us a lot of great things, including this story which you can file under the "athletes behaving badly" category.

O'Reilly, 24, is a native of Bluewater, Ontario, a little over 200 km (129 miles) west of Toronto bordering Lake Huron. In the early morning on July 9 in nearby Lucan, Ont. O'Reilly crashed his vintage 1951 Chevrolet truck into the side of a Tim Hortons.

A little less than two months ago O'Reilly showed off his new truck on Instagram.

O'Reilly won the Lady Byng trophy in 2014 as the league's most gentlemanly player, a year where he picked up all of two penalty minutes in 80 games played.

The only thing that would make this story more Canadian is if he played for one of the seven Canadian-based franchises. Unfortunately, he does not. He plays for the next closest thing to Canada though in the Buffalo Sabres.

It's been an up and down month for O'Reilly.

O"Reilly was traded during the 2015 NHL Draft by the Avalanche to Buffalo on June 26, and then signed the franchise's richest contract a week later on July 3 at seven years, $52.5 million dollars. Six days later this incident happens.

The Ontario Provincial Police have charged O'Reilly with impaired driving, care and control of over 80 milligrams (Canadian DUI) and failing to remain at the scene of an accident. His court date is scheduled for August 20, according to SportsNet.

O'Reilly faces a maximum of six months in jail, a fine of between $400 and $2,000, seven demerit points on his license and a suspended license for up to two years, according to The Buffalo News.

O'Reilly is set to make $6.2 million this season. At least he'll have no problem getting a new vintage truck.