A high school baseball player has died but not by getting hit by a baseball.

According to WOOD, tragically a high school baseball player by the name of Cooper Gardner from Bath, Michigan, was playing second base when trying to tag a runner the two collided that turned into a traumatic brain injury for Gardner.

Typically when you think of a baseball player getting injured, it is either a pitcher throwing a wild pitch and hitting a batter or a batter drills a ball hard into a fielder. None the less its never good when the player dies.

This incident took place when Bath High School were playing against Portland St. Patrick on April 21.

As soon as Gardner went down he was rushed to the emergency room at Sparrow Hospital. The young man was immediately sent to the Intensive Care Unit where he stayed for six days. Gardner did get moved to another room April 28th.

Eventually Gardner was able to go home to continue his recovery but unfortunately the injuries got the best of the young man and he passed away at home on May 2.

The passing of Gardner has devastated his family as well as his teammates and classmates.

Some good Samaritans in Bath have put together a fund raiser to help the Gardner family with hospital and funeral expenses. They have put together a t-shirt fundraiser as well as a GoFundMe page if you would like to contribute to help this family in their time of need.

WOOD reported that Bath High School principal Matt Dodson said, "Cooper Gardner embodied every admirable characteristic one could ever hope to instill in a young man. He was kind, humble, intelligent, respectful, and honest. We love you Coop."

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