Have you ever heard anyone say that college isn't for everyone?

To be quite frank with you, I never went to college. I went the trade school route, and college really isn't for everyone.

Let's make it clear, that you don't need a college degree to make money in Lansing.

These Jobs Pay Well In Lansing Without A College Degree

Your parents and teachers weren't always right! You don't need a college degree to have these jobs in Michigan, and they pay rather decently!

Take a look below and see if you should hop in onto a new career path and earn the money you are truly worth out of life.

Forget The College Degree With These High Paying Jobs In Lansing

Want to earn some extra cash, but not spend the money on a college degree? These jobs in Lansing, allow you to do just that.

The Highest Paying Jobs In Michigan

These jobs, you may actually need a degree for, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't take a glance around.

Take a look at these jobs here in Michigan that pay the most.

25 Highest Paying Jobs In Michigan

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