Over the years we've seen a lot of blight and hopelessness when the topic of the City of Detroit is mentioned. Then along came Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas. You couldn't find two less likely people to take up this project of buying up broken-down houses in broken-down neighborhoods in Detroit, fixing them up to almost like-new, and then selling them for an affordable price, but also for a profit.

Thomas is a physicist with a doctorate, and a carpenter and builder; Bynum has an MBA and is a designer. When he was fourteen, he started his first company. Four years ago the two were living in Colorado, but why not move to Motown? Now their series on HGTV, "Bargain Block" is back for another season, but more importantly, they are making a difference, making homeownership possible for some people who might not be able to afford a home, and since they've done twenty-two so far, maybe bringing back neighborhoods.

If you look to the west, there's a ton of gentrification going on in Chicago, but Detroit isn't at the level, yet. But with Bynum and Thomas, maybe this gives it a kickstart.

(Mission of Fact via YouTube)

From a television production sense, most of these shows follow a script and formula, and you can't forget their real estate partner, Shea Hicks-Whitfield, who is a cheerleader for the city. Ultimately, much like the Lions, maybe this sleeping giant is rising like a phoenix.

HGTV says Wednesday, June 8th will bring new episodes and the first one at 8pm ET is a look back on their first season. And if the show is new to you, is a good place to start.

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