Yes, Tom Izzo has heard about former Ohio State player Mark Titus' conspiracy theory that Michigan State faked Denzel Valentine's knee injury to make the Spartans better.

And no, Izzo is not a fan.

Here's his predictably surly response to the conspiracy theory from his weekly press conference on Monday:

Izzo also sniped at Titus for conceiving of the whole plot.

Titus became renown not for his play--he largely warmed the bench for the Buckeyes several years ago--but for his blog, Club Trillion, where he documented his college basketball experiences. He also contributed to the now-defunct sports writing website Grantland.

Stranger things have been bandied about, especially in the Internet age. Plus, Titus' theory, which was posted to Twitter just after Valentine went down with the injury in late December, evokes a somewhat disquieting feeling when read now after the fact and one sees how clairvoyant Titus was.

By the way, Titus is aware that Izzo has acknowledged his conspiracy theory. He had a particularly excited tweet in response, but we can't show you that here because Titus is a pottymouth and ours is a family-friendly website.

We can, though, show you another tweet he posted today about Michigan State's Tuesday night matchup with the Buckeyes in Columbus.