Sunday's heartbreaking loss to the Green Bay Packers was painful for Lions fans, but let's look at the bright side: this happened.

Yes, it was another day of the Lions getting everyone's hopes up and then crushing them like a steamroller. But look at the bright side!

The Lions offense, made up of mostly players who weren't even on the roster to start the season performed admirably against arguably, one of the better teams in the NFC. (Although, don't get too excited, Packer fans, your team looked awful yesterday).

And then there was this play, a joyful bit of foolery that led to the first touchdown reception by a Lions quarterback since 1984 and the great Gary Danielson.

In a take off of the Philadelphia Eagles' 'Philly Special' from Super Bowl 52, Receiver Danny Amendola tossed a trick touchdown pass to quarterback David Blough for the Lions first TD Sunday, and it was beautiful.

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