We burn wood at our house. For years we benefitted from the destruction of the ash trees by the Emerald ash Borer. Those bugs destroyed almost every ash tree in the state of Michigan. We are seeing some of ours regrow but it was very sad to see the devastation the bugs left behind. Even though, I burned every dead piece of ash I found... and still find.

Around our house, we have 10 huge pine trees. They are around 50 to 60 feet tall and we refer to them as "coffin pines." Back in the day, you planted a pine tree for each member of the family when they were born. When they died, hopefully there was enough pine for a coffin.

It appears my coffin pines are in danger. There is a new threat to the pine trees in Michigan. It's called the Mountain Pine Beetle. Also know as the Rocky Mountain Pine Beetle or Black Hills Beetle. Whatever you call it, it is a bark bug that has killed millions of pine trees and it has been found in Michigan. Now, there is a quarantine regulating the movement of pine forest products.

If your house is surrounded by pine trees like mine, you may want to keep a lookout. White pine, jack pine, red pine, Austrian pine, and Scots pine are all on the beetles menu. Watch out for a blue stain fungus on the tree that could kill it within weeks.

If you are traveling out west, officials say you should not transport firewood. These bugs are adding fuel to wildfires out west by killing the tree and leaving dry fuel for wildfires.

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