We all know Mark Dantonio isn't the biggest fan of the media. He's been rather open over the years about his grudging cooperation with press obligations.

On Monday, it showed again.

Dantonio, appearing on the Paul W. Smith show on WJR in Detroit, which is Michigan State sports' flagship radio station, grew a little testy with some soft and obvious questions from fill-in host Guy Gordon. The interview grew particularly sour when Gordon asked Dantonio about Michigan State's injuries as well as criticism of the Spartans from fans and media for not winning impressively of late.

Click here to hear the tense, awkward interview.

Not one of Dantonio's finer moments, to be sure. It's obvious by his tone and the content of his answers that he wanted no part of the interview--which is a little disconcerting considering he's making this appearance on WJR in Detroit, MSU's flagship. Athletic director Mark Hollis gets a lot of praise for the things he's done, but perhaps no other accomplishment of his has been as important as securing WJR as the Spartan flagship. It's a huge win for MSU to have their brand and product attached to Detroit's most credible news radio station.

Also, let's keep in mind that the guy asking the questions is a fill-in. It's not Paul W.Smith, a Michigan alum who has gotten under Dantonio's skin before. This is Gordon, a CMU alum who wasn't asking exactly provocative questions--in fact, the things he asks Dantonio are pretty milquetoast and obvious.

Let's hope it was just a bad morning for Dantonio. And at least he didn't pull one of these gems: