John Wooden became one of the greatest college basketball coaches in the history of the game. He retired in 1975 from UCLA. His teams at UCLA won 10 NCAA championships-a record that will probably never be broken. Wooden changed the game, from a slow dragging pace to an upbeat, up tempo game.

He won with very large players and smaller players. Wooden was the ultimate student of the game. He played college ball at Purdue and was from Indiana. John Wooden was to basketball as Vince Lombardi was to the game of football.

His nickname was the "Wizard of Westwood", a nickname he earned the old-fashioned way. Wooden changed the game with so many different styles and he was a great recruiter. This man will never be forgotten. John Wooden died in 2010, at the age of 99. Names like Jabbar, Walton, Goodrich, and Wilkes  played on all these great teams. To all the young kids out there read up on The "Wizard" John Wooden.