Staying off Zillow at work really isn't an option at this point.

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I mean, when you stop and think about it, a nice view of a great city like Grand Rapids wouldn't be that bad of a deal, right?

Have you heard of the River House apartments in Grand Rapids? They are home to luxurious views and a great place to stay.

If you want to stay in these apartments though, expect to be dropping a pretty penny on the apartments, they aren't for the average college student in the areas.

Take A Look Into One Of Michigan's Most Expensive Apartments

We all like a good room to rent, right? Take a look into one of Michigan's most expensive apartments that is located in Grand Rapids.

Did you enjoy the view of these apartments?

They'll definitely cost you a pretty penny if you're interested in renting, but that's what roommates are for, right?

Is your rent higher than that of these apartments? Open the app and let us know where you're staying.

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