Why is it in this day and age no one wants to work in a restaurant kitchen? I was brought up in a restaurant environment. So I know a little bit about this topic. I don't care where you go around this area, everyone needs kitchen help. Whether it be a restaurant, bar, diner, or fast-food place. People do not want to work in these places any more. Why?

I really believe in this day and age people might feel it's demeaning or it's not a good enough job. Let me tell you this: many people in this country made money for many years as kitchen help. Is it people would rather hold cardboard signs in freezing temperatures? Or are people are just too lazy to put in a hard days work?

This country was built on hard work, and kitchen work is hard work. It's amazing how I can talk to all these restaurant, bar and diner owners and they're all in the same boat. They can't get any kitchen help. This is really to the point that it's unbelievable -- people will hold cardboard signs but not want to work in a warm place with food and earn a wage. No, they would rather panhandle money from citizens of our city. It's not right. There are jobs, people just don't want to work!

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