My wife and I just starting getting back into hot yoga.

We had done hot yoga about 4-5 years ago. It was tough then and it’s tough now. I don’t know where hot yoga came from, but it’s definitely a challenge every time I do it. The instructors at East Lansing Hot Yoga off of Trowbridge are just excellent. I can tell you that I have never sweat like this ever in my life. Hot yoga is very intense, but I like it.

There are so many forms of yoga I can even think about. There is Bikram Yoga, regular yoga and DDP Yoga which was mastered by Hall of Fame pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page.

I really do like hot yoga. I just have to get better at the poses and balance. If you have never tried hot yoga, you need to. When I tell people about it, they say no way I can do that. I believe that with some people because it’s so hot and intense. The room ends up after an hour or hour and a half session at 108 degrees. That’s hot! But we like a challenge, and it is one for sure.

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The instructors are all different, which we like. That’s what makes it challenging. But again, if you have never tried it you might want to look into it further. Hot yoga is something that, until you do it, you don’t really know. But my wife and I are into it again and I’m glad for that.

Have you ever tried hot yoga? You need to check it out.

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