In 1967, my parents bought me a Tudor electric football game. Many people might not know what that is, so let me explain.

Electric football has been around for over 70 years. I have kept my game in pristine condition. With the pandemic happening for at least five months now, I have been practicing. Electric football is an art.

This is a game that any age can play. You can buy the brand new electric game at My game is a collector’s item. I have played electric football at least 500 times in my life. It’s really fun, strange and a different kind of game because you don’t know what direction the plastic players are going to go.

I have a different diversion too. I use the tiny football made from a pipe cleaner. If it’s a pass, I throw the tiny pipe cleaner piece at the designated receiver. This has been home rules for many years. But, like I said, I have brushed up on my game during this pandemic. You can buy your favorite teams also. But I have found some teams from friends and at garage sales.

Electric football is a blast. You can also play it by yourself. The great thing about electric football is no one gets hurt. If you have never played electric football, get the game and try it. It’s a classic.

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