Today is the day that everyone is to wear something green. Because it’s St. Patrick’s Day. I have many St. Patrick’s Day stories but I’m limited to so many words. My family was in the bar business for many years.

So, this day is an old hat for me. When I used to tend bar back at DeMarco’s I always purchased green food dye to put in people’s beer. Many beer gardens have their kegs spiked with green dye because of the volume of people that come into their establishments.

So, when I was younger for many years the McNamara Family who owned Mid-City Produce would always put on just a great St. Patrick’s Party at that the former Armory on Marshall Street. It’s now where the Gillespie Group is located. Those parties were so perfect.

The green beer, Irish Whiskey, corned beef, and cabbage just flowed all day there. This party was just a St. Patty’s day extravaganza. All my relatives and friends would attend.

They would have Irish music and live people playing bagpipes. I will always miss those parties. Also, in the Lansing Mall, the Old Houlihan’s was a great party. I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the old Irish Pub.

Their parties were awesome too. Now, we are waiting for the new Irish Pub to reopen under new ownership. All I can stress is please don’t drink and drive and don’t guzzle too much booze. Enjoy the day.

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