Two and a half years after the start of Covid-19, individuals and businesses are still feeling its effects. And partly due to that, another Lansing restaurant will have to close its doors.

This time, it's Green Dot Stables.

Green Dot Stables Lansing Restaurant is Closing

Green Dot Stables is a slider restaurant here in Lansing, similar to its original location in Detroit. It took over the old Whiskey Barrel space back in December of 2017. And after just over four and a half years, Green Dot will be closing its doors this week, Sunday, July 10th will be its last day.

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The Lansing State Journal had the chance to speak with owners Jacques and Christine Driscoll who opened this second location after success with their Detroit location. They said that things were going well until the start of the pandemic. Jacques Driscoll said, "We thought that was a good next step and it was profitable up until COVID."

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Green Dot Stables, like many restaurants and other businesses, have had issues with staffing and the lack thereof. The final deciding factor in closing was the fact that their manager just resigned. However, the Driscolls hope that this isn't the end of Green Dot here in Lansing.

Green Dot Stables in Lansing is For Sale

The restaurant is currently for sale and the owners "would love to see somebody wants to take over Green Dot Stables, and work with us on it". And if they can't find someone interested, there are hopes of reopening in the fall. However, the staff would need to be filled out to make sure that could happen.

If you'd like to say goodbye to Green Dot (at least for now), you have the rest of this week to stop by. And after, if you want to make the trip, you can find the original location in Detroit at 2200 W Lafayette Blvd.

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