Last night Grand Ledge's favorite son Al Horford had a whopper of a game. His Atlanta Hawks beat the Washington Wizards 82-81.

Horford, a Florida Gators alum, did something no other player in Hawks history had. He had 23 points, 11 rebounds, and 5 blocks. This is the playoffs, and Al has become a great NBA player. He has fought through injuries in the past but he's healthy now.

Al Horford has averaged almost a double-double in his solid career. He played for Tony Sweet at Grand Ledge and Billy Donavon at Florida. There, he won two National Championships in college hoop in a row. This guy was destined for greatness. I know him and he is very humble and a true professional.

I don't know how the Atlanta Hawks will end up, but they have a nice team and Al compliments their players very well. Bottom line, people better start recognizing that Al Horford is a top flight player in the NBA. Also, if you play against him and don't respect his game you better get ready to get crushed.

AL Horford is a local guy that has done well. His name is along "Magic", Jay and Sam Vincent, Ben Poquette as players that have played in the NBA from this area.