Trying to put a 3-9 season in the rearview mirror Michigan State struggled through the first half with some ball handling basics, fumbling three times and losing two of them.

Despite that, the Spartans are on top of Bowling Green 14-3 at half.

LJ Scott fumbled first driving to dive into the end zone on the game's opening drive. Bowling Green's Brandon Harris recovered and brought it out to the 30 yard line. Bowling Green would score their only points of the half off of the ensuing drive.

A bad snap in the shotgun did Michigan State in later on in the first quarter as Bowling Green recovered and started in plus territory. A stout defense forced the turnover on downs on that particular drive.

Michigan State put the ball on the ground one more time as Brian Lewerke was stripped, however luck favored MSU this time around as the ball bounced to Madre London who gained six yards on the recover and run.

Speaking of Madre London he scored the first touchdown of the 2017 season with a seven yard run up the middle where even though he was untouched, he nearly fumbled due to a very iffy looking exchange between him and Lewerke.

Outside of the ball handling issues, Michigan State has been dominating the game in the stat columns. 273-104 in total yards and 143-30 in rushing yards.

Brian Lewerke is MSU's leading rusher with six carries for 58 yards, he's also 13/17 for 130 yards and a touchdown pass. Felton Davis caught that pass with nine seconds left to go in the half.

Even though Michigan State is currently minus-two in the turnover battle they lead 14-3 at half against Bowling Green. Michigan State lost the turnover battle eight times last season and was 1-7 in those games.

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