It's July 30th, we're still a little more than 24 hours until the MLB trade deadline, and while there were plenty of trades to dissect and analyze, there were also some bizarre things that happened in the world of baseball, that you might have missed in the trade and rumor euphoria of this time of year.

1. The Detroit Tigers won a game... with Justin Verlander on the mound!

Ok, cheap start to the list, but the fact of the matter is coming in to the game JV was 0-3 on the record and in all of his seven starts in 2015, the Tigers lost. On Wednesday he and the Tigers got it done, Verlander went eight innings striking out 10 and out-dueling All-Star Chris Archer of Tampa Bay to the tune of a 2-1 win.

2. Andrew McCutchen hits Little League Home Run

With the Pirates up 5-3 in the sixth inning, Andrew McCutchen stepped to the plate looking to pick up some more run support for his pitcher. The Twins were happy to oblige making multiple errors on a liner to right field as McCutchenend up scoring and driving in two more.

Watch for yourself:

And they say interleague play isn't entertaining!

3. Wilmer Flores Breaks "A League of Their Own" Rules

Don't tell Wilmer Flores there's no crying in baseball. The Mets infielder was reportedly traded in the middle of the game last night against the Padres but was still sent out even after learning the news. Flores was emotional as he contemplated his future leaving the only team he had known since signing as an amateur free agent in 2007.

Flores signed with the Mets when he was 16, and has almost 200 games over the last three years in a Mets uniform.

The trade was cancelled on a reported medical issue involving one of the players due to be traded. Maybe Flores will stay a Met if a new deal can't be reached in time for July 31st 4:00 ET.

4. Jeopardy! gets baseball trivia wrong!

Last night Jeopardy aired an episode, three contestants answered trivia questions, and somebody won big money. It's a pastime for some people to watch. However last night the magic of television and recording was thrown a curveball.

This response was aired last night:

The correct answer today, July 30th, 2015, is the Toronto Blue Jays, who apparently added some elevation to Rogers Centre to be "Mile-High".

However, at the time of the recording, probably weeks or months ago, the correct answer was the Colorado Rockies, which was said on the show.

With the fast pace world of sports news, it's honestly surprising to me that these things don't happen more. Regardless, it's still funny and a little weird how less than 48 hours ago Troy Tulowitzki was minding his own business playing a mean shortstop for Colorado, and so quickly he's crushing home runs for Toronto and ruining the integrity of some people's favorite game show.