The Florida State Seminoles cut the cake last night in the last B.C.S. Championship Game. It was head coach of the Seminoles Jimbo Fisher first championship, they beat the Auburn Tigers 34-31. What a finish with 13 seconds left Jameis Winston threw a two-yard touchdown pass to Kevin Benjamin.

That was the last Bowl Championship Series in its 16-year history. College football will now go to a playoff series starting next year. The Seminoles overcame a 18 point deficit to beat the Tigers. The B.C.S. saved its best for last .

The Heisman Trophy winner Florida State's Jameis Winston finished with 237 yards passing and two touchdowns. He was named MVP for his outstanding play. It was his 20th birthday, and he started out a bit rattled but ended on a strong note. In the end, Florida State beat auburn 34-31 to the 2014 B.C.S. National Championship, finally we will go to a playoff system.