The heavy rains brought some nasty flood damage all around Michigan. Over 10 thousand Michigan residents had to be evacuated due to dams breaking and flooding waters. Governor Gretchen Whitmer even declared a State of Emergency... During a State of Emergency.

In Williamston, the river is as high as I have seen it in a long time. The Brookshire Inn Golf club has a few extra ponds to bathe in but they are used to this there. In Ionia, the fairgrounds are completely under water. Good thing the food trucks are safe.

I asked my friends to share some flood pictures with me on Facebook. If you haven't been out, like a lot of people haven't, it's pretty bad. Some people are even having flooding in their homes... Have you checked your basement?

Michigan Floods


Here is the original post on Facebook. There are some videos friends posted I was unable to put in the story. My friend Josh says this is one of the worst floods in Midland's history.

Thank God the weather doesn't call for rain until Memorial Day. Hopefully all the waters will recede and we can get back to the worst year ever.

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