Terminator 2 Judgment Day warned us that this would happen one day. That day is getting closer with the very first robot umpire making its debut at a minor league baseball game all-star game on Wednesday.

It's not like having Johnny 5 from the movie Short Circuit behind the plate. A regular home plate umpire still calls out the balls and strikes but has an earpiece that is connected to an iPhone and receives a signal after every pitch. The umpire does have the right to overturn the call. With new technology, there are some delays along with some kinks to work out.

Major League Baseball officials have said that the intent is not to replace human umpires but to empower them with technology. There is a lot more to the game other than balls and strikes. There are check swings along with other rules of the game that the program can just not do. A pretty cool thing that is on its way up the pipeline. So no need to call John Connor and Arnold Schwarzenegger to bail us out. Not yet at least.

Source: MLive.com



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