Over the weekend there were peaceful rallies at Lansing Mayor Andy Schor’s home and the next day downtown. Now, I want to get this straight. Some people wanted Andy Schor to resign from being Mayor of this great city.

Let me preface by going back to the previous Mayor Virg Bernero. Everyone blames the person in charge. Both these men were and are faced with a tough task all of the time. You can’t make everyone happy all of the time every day. Especially, when it comes to race, religion, politics and sports.

We have a great country and a great upcoming city. We must all strive to get along. If we try really hard we can accomplish something. Why should Andy Schor resign? When you get into any political office, you’re at risk to upset some or a lot of people. No one knew there would be a pandemic or floods!

But I understand people are fed up with police brutality in some of our major cities, and I am too. The awful situation in the Twin Cities was the last straw. But not all politicians can be pro-active and just appropriate funding for certain things. All people must work together to better understand wants, needs and struggles.

You cannot have an attitude like, "well this doesn’t affect me so the heck with it." Bad attitudes, negativity and just plain blowing something off are the problem. I say this on the Mad Dog Show a lot: we have to strive as a whole to be better and respect everyone.

We know this will never be perfect, but we can work towards it and educate. Let’s get along first and foremost. Please, peace and respect everything!

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