It was a long time coming.  Ten years, as a matter of fact.  But Michigan finally beat Ohio State last Saturday afternoon at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, 42-27.

I picked Ohio State to win because I can't pick Michigan until they actually won the game.  Well, they not only won the game.  They physically dominated the Buckeyes.

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297 yards rushing for the Wolverines speaks for itself.  And Hassan Haskins' five rushing touchdowns (pictured above scoring one of them) is the most ever in this rivalry.

And the fact that Michigan's defense held Ohio State's lethal offense to 27 points is pretty good.  Defensive ends Aidan Hutchinson and David Ojabo got pressure on Buckeyes QB C.J. Stroud all game long.

Hutchinson is playing so well right now that, in fact, he's being mentioned for the Heisman Trophy and for being the Number 1 overall pick in next spring's NFL Draft.


The mental block, the hex, that Ohio State has had on Michigan since 2001 is gone.  Michigan now knows they can beat Ohio State on the field.  Knowing they can do it mentally is half the battle there.

But more importantly, it puts Michigan in Saturday's Big Ten title game against Iowa.  And they'll need to win that to head to what really matters, the College Football Playoff.


A dose of humility.  People in Columbus have believed it's their birthright to beat Michigan ever since Jim Tressel replaced John Cooper after the 2000 season.  That arrogance has come back to bite them.  They needed to get knocked down a peg, and that happened last Saturday.

Now, Ohio State isn't going away.  They are a GREAT football program.  They've only lost to Michigan three times since 2001.  2003, 2011, and last Saturday.  And they host Michigan next November.  They'll even be more motivated to win "The Game" now that they've lost to their hated rivals.


Michigan's win has removed a major mental hurdle that has plagued the program for years.  If they win the National Championship in January (theoretically a possibility), they (and their fans) won't think they're inferior to the Buckeyes anymore.

And even though the Buckeyes are beaten down a bit, they have enough talent and a strong enough recruiting base to get to the top next year.

But Michigan fans, enjoy this this win.  And enjoy what the victory brings...a chance to win the National Championship next month.


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